Miti ni madini

Impacts Of Deforestation Varies By Latitude


Do we know how little or big the  human activities we involve ourselves with affect our eco- system in a diverse way? I remember the words of His Excellency Daniel Arap Moi common phrase ” kata mti mmoja panda miwili”. Does that ring a bell in your mind? I presume so as we contextualize the above quote.

As humanity is the high time to recognize the value of resources at disposal by not only caring for them but even going a step further by guarding them as our most valued assets. Am talking about our Trees. we think cutting of trees and selling of charcoal will help us end poverty NO!! and we expect climate change not to be our partner in crime?why don’t we embrace other sources of fuel or rather other sources of earning money instead of degrading our environment.

These are my pointers as environmental activists to encourage us to embrace environmental sustainability:

  • To protect our planet’s natural resources and climate for our future generations.
  • To implement the agenda via a solid global partnership program
  • To ensure prosperity and fulfilling lives in harmony with nature.


Mtetezi wa Mazingira



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