I get inspired by the flora and fauna within my disposal in the sense that we exist in an ecosystem that complements humanity. In the book of Genesis God gave man the responsibility of taking care of the mother nature and he placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to oversee and cohabit with the environment and wildlife.

I love nature and it pains my heart when i see environmental degradation as a result of human activities. it also tears my heart when i see wildlife being killed and especially the Elephants and Rhino species which are among the big five and represent the pride of Africa.

Have you ever wondered living in a planet with no flora and fauna, what will our generations see and embrace as part of nature? Can you imagine experiencing extinction of the endangered species in the next 10 years? It is a crisis which needs a lot of attention and consideration locally and globally given that it affects all of us.

I get inspired by Paula Kahumbu through her efforts in wildlife conservation. she simply says “hands off our elephants”. she is very vocal in advocating for wildlife conservation.Paula says “Some of the world’s most critical conservation problems, and valuable solutions, go unnoticed. I want to shine a light on people whose efforts make a truly remarkable difference.” I will be the humming bird.


“The entire world has a stake in making sure that we preserve Africa’s beauty for future generations.”

Barrack Obama